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"With new app Elbi, helping others is easy, rewarding and fun."

"The same way technology has forever changed the way we order food, call cabs and make restaurant reservations, the team behind Elbi aim to use modern technology to remove barriers that exist in charitable giving."

"Elbi changes the game inn charitable donations by channeling the energy of small, everyday actions towards causes for the greater good."

— AppStore India


Elbi introduces Donate with Apple Pay

Elbi, the app that revolutionized giving by bringing together people, brands and charities to make philanthropy simple and rewarding, has announced that it is offering its customers an easy, secure and private way to donate with Apple Pay. Elbi provides a seamless user experience by enabling users to make fast and convenient $1 micro-donations with Apple Pay. 

Additionally, Elbi also announced the launch of ElbiDrop, an exciting new feature which will offer high quality and impossible to get items, such as items from Louis Vuitton, Messika, Off-White and Adidas that users can win through competitive micro-fundraising campaigns.

December 20, 2017

Let’s talk about it. Period.

Periods. A topic that Elbi co-founder Natalia Vodianova is setting out to smash taboos around. In partnership with Flo, a leading women’s health platform and app, the supermodel is debuting a new weekly video series, “Let’s Talk About It. Period.” that features candid Q&A’s with celebrity friends Emily Ratajkowski, Soo Joo Park, and InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown about their time of the month.

By bringing humor to the conversation, Vodianova aims to free the dialogue that surrounds female wellness and sexuality, while also inspiring women to take control of their health. "I hope that very soon we will have different attitudes towards this [topic],” said Vodianova, of the project that is also supported by the UNFPA.

“[If we can all] laugh about the fact that you stained your white perfect pants, that’s when something will click in everyone else's minds. And they’ll say it’s normal.”

The first video, which launched on 11 December on the Flo platform, features a frank sit-down with Vodianova and Victoria’s Secret Angel Alexina Graham, where they discuss topics like powering through painful cramps on set and the stigma that still surrounds menstruation. “I think it’s ridiculous how people don’t talk about it,” said Graham. “It’s still such a taboo thing, but it happens to every woman. People do get uncomfortable a lot—like too much information—but I talk about it all the time. I think it’s important."

Watch a sneak peak of Vodianova’s interview with Graham below. To see the full video, go to to download the Flo app.

December 9, 2017

Tamadog AR app supporting real life dogs, powered by Elbi.

Named one of Apple’s 2017 App’s of the year, Tamadog uses augmented reality to support a better reality.

Tamadog brings back the Tamagochi technology adding a meaningful purpose to it. Tamadog is more than an app and a game. It’s a project that aims to build positive behavior through play. With a particular focus on a new generation, Tamadog allows children to learn animal care through the immersive experience of augmented reality.

Feeding, walking, playing with and cuddling a virtual pet helps to foster a sense of responsibility, in an exciting and engaging way.  Users can also see the consequences of animal neglect, a dog will be taken to the shelter after 3 days. Finally users can buy treats for their pet which helps users to responsibly manage their own money.

Tamadog is one of Elbi’s strategic partners and donates 50% of the profit from in-app purchases to charities supporting dogs. Tamadog’s users receive real pictures of dogs they are supporting in shelters and can concretely see the impact of their action and feel the strong bond between virtuality and reality. Play is the most effective way to teach children a fundamental lesson: doing good can be fun.

December 8, 2017

The LoveShop is being renovated!

The LoveShop has some exciting new updates coming in December to our new app. The LoveShop will still feature hand picked items from your favourite brands but we have a few new features that will be launching very soon.

For a brief time whilst we implement these changes the LoveShop will only be available within the iOS App, so head over and carry on rewarding yourself for doing good.

Check back soon for the brand new and improved Elbi LoveShop.

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