The LoveShop

The LoveShop has some exciting updates in our new app. The LoveShop still features hand picked items from your favourite brands but we have a new feature called ElbiDrop.

ElbiDrop introduces "gamification" to philanthropy, applying game-design and competition to encourage donations. ElbiDrop lets you win "exclusive" items from iconic brands, from Louis Vuitton to Messika. The person who collects the most Elbi LoveCoins in 24 hours, wins!

Earn a Coin from every donation you make - on a charity video campaign, on other people’s “reactions”, and by creating “reaction” videos yourself to inspire others to donate.

The challenge in ElbiDrop is to browse the app to find new video campaigns and reactions to watch and support, and to make reaction videos of your own. A push message starts the 24 hour ElbiDrop. A Leaderboard ranks those with the most LoveCoins. When the stopwatch runs out, the person with the most LoveCoins wins the item!

For a brief time whilst we implement changes the LoveShop will only be available within the iOS App, so head over and carry on rewarding yourself for doing good.

Check back soon for the brand new and improved Elbi LoveShop on Android too.

December 8, 2017
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A BIG update from Elbi

We wanted to give you a little (BIG) update from Elbi HQ.

We are releasing a new video version of the Elbi app. Now the app will have real video content from your favourite charities working on the ground, helping you feel even more connected to the causes that matter to you.

You can watch incredible stories from Elbi's charity partners, upload your own reaction to the videos you watch, and you can fundraise when people love your reactions. As always you can donate to a cause by hitting the LoveButton, but now you can use Apple Pay to make things even easier.

The Loveshop will be closed until the end of November. Don't worry, you can still continue to earn LoveCoins by donating to your favourite charity causes and we will keep a log of your Elbi Score. As an additional incentive, the user who earns the most LoveCoins during this time, will join Natalia at the Business of Fashion ceremony in Soho Farmhouse as her personal guest — more details to follow soon.

As with any big upgrade, there are still a few bugs, but please bear with us as we're continuing with tweaks and fixes over the coming weeks. If you find anything that doesn’t work or you think we could improve, we'd love to hear from you at

September 20, 2017
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