ElbiDrop - support World Aids Day and win a Dior Saddle Bag!

by Elbi Journal
ElbiDrop - support World Aids Day and win a Dior Saddle Bag!

Starts 1st December, 15:00 pm for just 24hrs.

Pinch yourself, you are not dreaming! This is an actual Dior ElbiDrop designed by the genius that is John Galliano😍! Imagine how great your best outfit is going to look paired with this iconic bag🤔😏! Granted, your friends will be super jealous when they see you with the same bag as worn by superstars like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and fashionistas all around the globe, but fear not because when you explain to them that won it by donating the most on Elbi for World Aids Day, well, hugs and kisses all round again, right?! 😘😉

 As we said, it is World Aids Day and here at Elbi we thought what a perfect time for us to bring back a classic and raise money to help this worthy cause and Dior stepped up to help us 🙌with their Red Mini Saddle Bag in embossed grained calfskin! 💥


This is the it-bag of the 00's and like the Backstreet Boys, it is back - alright! The Saddle Bag enjoyed quite a memorable spell⚡, even appearing in Sex In The City and The OC (the trending TV shows of the 00s). As its revival is once again ruling the runways, no single street style star has been left behind so if you manage to donate the most, you will be in great company!💃🕺

This It is a must-have item and it could be yours, so, get those thumbs limbered up and fully stretched out 👍 because you are going to have to keep tapping that LoveButton to win and who knows, in the next 24 hours⌛you could be the person that can say “I gave the most to World Aids Day on Elbi, and check out my lovely new bag”. 💜

As worn by the likes of...

The challenge in ElbiDrop is to earn the most LoveCoins in 24hrs.

Here are three tips:

  1. Wherever there's a LoveButton there's a chance to earn LoveCoins. Donate to every campaign and any reaction! 👏
  2. Create your own video reaction 🤳 and share it with your friends on social media.
  3. 👑 Make sure to check the leaderboard to see if you've reached the top spot!

Remember Elbi passes on 100% of donations.

September 12, 2018