by Elbi Journal

From the 11th-14th October 2019, starting at 3 pm BST.

The Fendi Baguette was one of the first true iconic “it-bags” and it continues to endure! Our brilliant supporters Fendi have kindly donated the sold-out Fendi Baguette mini-bag in pale yellow.

.....and it has DROPPED!

The Baguette quickly rose to fame after its original launch in the late 90's and has since been re-imagined and re-worked in many different ways.

This mini-bag packs a big punch in both style and relevance to the trends of the current season. However, this bag is a real classic and can be worn and enjoyed year in and year out. The mini-Baguette features Fendi’s iconic double F closure and beloved logo print - because well - it simply wouldn’t be a Baguette without it !! It has a top handle as well as a delicate cross-body chain strap. Both straps are removable so that you can change them around to suit your chosen look - or simply use both at the same time if you can’t decide between them! The Fendi Baguette defined a generation of bag lovers so if you haven’t got one in your collection you really need this!
And you’ll be doing good at the same time!!
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September 12, 2018