December 9, 2017

Tamadog AR app supporting real life dogs, powered by Elbi

Named one of Apple’s 2017 App’s of the year, Tamadog uses augmented reality to support a better reality.

Tamadog brings back the Tamagochi technology adding a meaningful purpose to it. Tamadog is more than an app and a game. It’s a project that aims to build positive behavior through play. With a particular focus on a new generation, Tamadog allows children to learn animal care through the immersive experience of augmented reality.

Feeding, walking, playing with and cuddling a virtual pet helps to foster a sense of responsibility, in an exciting and engaging way. Users can also see the consequences of animal neglect, a dog will be taken to the shelter after 3 days. Finally users can buy treats for their pet which helps users to responsibly manage their own money.

Tamadog is one of Elbi’s strategic partners and donates 50% of the profit from in-app purchases to charities supporting dogs. Tamadog’s users receive real pictures of dogs they are supporting in shelters and can concretely see the impact of their action and feel the strong bond between virtuality and reality. Play is the most effective way to teach children a fundamental lesson: doing good can be fun.