June 8, 2017

World Oceans Day

On Worlds Oceans Day, 8th June 2017, the UN brought together government, NGO’s and business to discuss this critical topic - our Oceans.

Elbi co-founder, Natalia was invited to the UN event as a keynote speaker to share her thoughts. As a cause campaigner and founder of an app that helps bring social and technology to causes, Natalia believes that capturing the attention of young people and raising awareness through the use of technology is key to the future health of our Oceans.

Ocean Generation (formally WATO) is a global collective bringing the ocean and its importance to the most connected generation in history. Oceans impact every aspect of our lives and we see the power in every moment to change the future of our planet.

Elbi launched a powered by Elbi partnership with Prisma and Ocean Generation at the United Nations event. The collaboration aimed to raise awareness for Ocean Generation with the production of a Philanthropic filter on Prisma. People could transport themselves to a beautiful ocean scene with the click of a button.

Ocean Generation have a few tips for all of us how to support the collective today:

  1. Forego plastic straws
  2. Drink water in a glass, not a plastic bottle
  3. Take a reusable bag when you do your shopping