May 23, 2017

Working with H&M for WaterAid

In September, H&M Club launched a collaboration with Elbi that supported non-profit organisation WaterAid.

H&M Club members who’d collected 100 loyalty points or more could convert their points into LoveCoins to spend in the Elbi LoveShop. For every Club member that redeems this reward, H&M donated 100 Euros to the charity WaterAid.

We were thrilled to raise $60,000 for WaterAid with the help of H&M.

Elbi co-founder, Natalia was the face of the Conscious Exclusive range of which H&M donated some of their most coveted items to the LoveShop, including the ethereal plissé pleat gown, made from BIONIC® – recycled polyester made from recovered shoreline waste. As well as the Fiona Fishnet bag also made from BIONIC®, available in the LoveShop.

Natalia in the pleated gown

A video about the journey of the dress

The blue and pink Fiona Fishnet bags are part of the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection and are currently available in the LoveShop alongside other products from the H&M Conscious range.

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